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Technology based weight loss program.

No Exercise. No Diet. No Hunger.

Your health and wellness is our primary concern. Due to COVID-19 state regulations, visitors are required to wear
a face mask and have their temperature checked upon entering the center. Masks will be provided if needed.

Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps


Using our state of the art technology, we will analyze your body composition along with your provided health history. Our Biometric Body Analysis will determine your Body Fat %, Water %, Metabolic age, and MORE.


During a consultation with one of our Health and Wellness Coaches, we will map out your weight loss and wellness journey by guiding you towards a specific plan.


Throughout your journey, you will cleanse the body of unwanted toxins, bring your hormones into a more balanced state, and naturally speed up your metabolism so that your body will burn fat more efficiently. You will achieve optimal health and a balanced and healthy life all while eating REAL foods!

Use Technology To Lose Weight

Our BioMetric Body Analysis (BBA) uses Impedancemetry (electricity) that runs through the body from the soles of the feet. It compares the variances in the tissues of the bone, muscle, fat, etc. and identify the following and more.

BMI: Body Mass Index: A measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Fat %: A measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Water %: A measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. 

Muscle Mass %: A measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Visceral Fat %: Stubborn, hidden fat located in the abdominal cavity between organs and often building up in the arteries.

BMR: The amount of energy expended (calories burned) while at rest.

After finishing the program, you will receive a
follow up analysis to reveal your progress.
Common results are:

Weight: lose average 17 – 30 pounds in 30 days

BMI: Decreases an average 3-5 points

Fat %: Decreases about 2-3% on average during 30 days

Water %: Increases about 2% on average

Muscle Mass: The goal is to not lose any muscle only PURE FAT

Visceral Fat: Decreases: 2-4 Points in 30 days

Metabolic Age: Decreases Metabolic age.

Discover More

Discover More​

Behind your future self stands our ZOË Team

Our team of ZOË Wellness coaches have variety of health-based backgrounds and wellness careers that range from Culinary Arts Specialists, Certified Personal Trainers, and Movement Specialists.  With the variety in expertise, we can provide a customized and targeted program for each customer, and guide you through each ZOË program and service.  Want to speak to one today? Book your 1-on-1 consultation now!

More than weight loss. That's the ZOË promise.


Every choice we make stems from how we see ourselves and our world, which affects our body, mind and spirit each day.  Here at Zoë, we believe that your health is more than just physical.  ZOË is about uncovering your true potential, beyond what you’ve ever thought before. Each program is designed to help you overcome hurdles in each part of your life, and create sustainable change, not just for your ZOË journey, but for your ZOË Life.

Success Stories

Slide will

"30 days ago, I was 268LBS.
, I am 33LBS lighter.

When I went to the doctor, he was amazed the way that I lost the weight. I'm down 3 meds. I finally found something that works." - William

Slide hattie

"When I started, I was on blood pressure meds. Then when covid -19 came in ...

I knew that I had to do something. I lost 30LBS in 30 days." - Hattie

Slide gregg

"I just completed the Zoe Wellness Program, and I lost 38Lbs in 30 days." - Gregg

Slide jennifer

"After about a week, I realized that I've lost seven pounds this week alone.

Then go from 170 to under 160. That’s a big deal." - Jennifer

Slide ron

"I started at around 419Lbs.
6-months in, I am now weighing 294Lbs. (That's over 125 Lbs of weight loss).

I no longer have to buy two seats to fly on an airplane." - Ron

Slide teresa

"At Zoe Wellness Center, they not only talked about weight, they told me what was going on inside my body.

And when they say you could lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days, I was really skeptical but I kept losing about a pound a day." - Teresa

Slide john

"I was told that if I am not able to lost weight, I will be dead in 5 years. During the first 30 days of the program, I lost 47.8LBS and went down from a size 56 to 48 .

My doctor told me that I don't have to take any meds right now.... completely life changing experience." - John

Slide nancy

"I am feeling more confident about myself and my overall appearance. I have more energy and overall my health feels like its in balance." - Nancy

Slide merlyn

"My knees feel better and do not bother me at all anymore. I am off my blood pressure medications thanks to the Zoë Wellness program. Everyone is extremely pleasant and helpful."
- Merlyn

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