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Cherry Secrets: Tiny Treats with Big Benefits

Cherry Secrets: Tiny Treats with Big Benefits

They say good things come in small packages, and for cherries, that couldn’t be more true! They’re packed with punch after punch of health benefits – not to mention, they’re so sweet! Delicious, and healthy?! It may seem too good to be true, but science stands behind the magic. Let’s dive in and discover what gives these berries the best of both worlds.

First, let’s have a little history lesson! Cherries first made its debut in Western Asia, then traveled to Eastern parts of Europe before becoming one of the largest producers in North America. Over the years as they’ve bounced all around, cherries have also become popular as home remedies for reducing pain and inflammation, and symptoms of gout.  But that’s not the only thing that cherries are good for.

Cherries’ high Vitamin C content is absolutely essential for immune support. For those who don’t care for bananas, cherries are able to support reaching your daily potassium intake, while also providing a good source of fiber. They’re natural sources of sugar and carbs, but not high enough in carbs that it would interrupt those adopting a low carb diet the way that grapes, mango, pineapple, and other sweet fruits would. Like we said, punch after punch! 

Did you know that different colored cherries also have distinct tastes? This may come as no surprise, like apples getting sweeter the more ripe they become. But rather than ripeness depicting the flavor, Cherries stand out with rich sources of potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which contribute to their vibrant colors. There’s a difference in acidity and sugar levels, and with that in mind, it seems that those different colors can signify different benefits as well!

Finding the Right Cherries

Bright, Bold, and Tangy


  • Sleep: 

Turns out you can also skip the “warm glass of milk” and opt for cherries instead to promote a good night’s restespecially if insomnia gives you trouble.

  • Sore Muscles: 

Next time you hit the gym, drink tart cherry juice to prepare for your workout! Not only have studies suggested that there is an improvement in soreness of muscles, but there may even be an improvement in endurance as well.

If you need a bit of colon support, and want to ensure your gut flora is supported in efficient ways, don’t knock tart cherry juice before you try it!

  • Weight Loss Support: 

The fiber in cherries helps with feelings of satiation, and studies even show that cherries are beneficial for those making lifestyle adjustments for Diabetes Type 2, with effects on heart health and high blood pressure too! 

In the Kitchen:
Savory dishes like our Cherry Wine Sauce benefit best with tangy and tart cherries, and you’ll also want to opt for this option. Tart cherries are also great for baking needs, and any canning, spreads, and preserves!

Dark, Deep, and Very Sweet


  • Antioxidants and Vitamin C: 

For those not on the antioxidant bandwagon: Compounds in cherries help in fighting off the free radicals that damage cells and create oxidative stress. Anti-pain and reduced inflammation- it’s like bubble wrap for inflammation! 

  • Cancer Prevention: 

Prolonged, constant oxidative stress in the body contributes to an endless list of diseases: cancer, diabetes, organ disease – Sweet cherries specifically have been shown to support the prevention of cancer with the abundance of compounds called phenols and anthocyanins. Literally, they’ve watched malignant transformations slow down at a cellular level

Over the decades, our ability to think, process, and remember requires support to keep our minds sharp. There are many studies showing improved working memory benefits from tart cherry juice, both on experiments with rats and real clinical trials with small groups of people

In the Kitchen:
If you want that very berry cherry flavor, definitely opt for sweet cherries! They’re great for salads, and of course a sundae topper (you’ve got to try our cottage cheese ice cream)!

When asking if one is better than the other, it seems tart cherries win! But for that shirley temple recipe, you may end up choosing something sweeter. Still, whether you’re savoring the tangy twist of tart cherries or indulging in the dark side (too cheesy?), these delights offer a medley of unique flavors, antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. Not only that, they do so without triggering the same insulin reactions that super sweet fruits would. So, the next time you put a cherry on top, cherish not only the taste but also the wave of benefits it brings.

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