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Lose up to
30 lbs in 30 days

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Individual Results may vary

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Individual Results may vary

Lose up to

30 lbs in 30 days

Join thousands of other zoë success stories to start your journey today!

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Movement and sleep

Movement and sleep are two very opposite, but equally important, aspects of wellness. They affect us physically, mentally and emotionally, so it's crucial to make sure you have the right balance of both in your life.   

Our bodies are naturally designed to move, so if we aren’t engaging in some type of movement each day, then we're not allowing our body to thrive the way it was meant to.  Movement can help increase strength, flexibility, and stamina, it will help boost your immune system, help fight many chronic diseases, it can improve sleep, and can even release hormones that will help you feel better emotionally!   

The great thing about adding movement to your day is that it doesn't necessarily mean spending hours at the gym – but if that’s how you choose to partake in movement, well that's great! For the rest of us, movement can be as simple as a 10-minute walk while taking a break at work; it could be doing yoga or gentle stretching, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, swimming, biking, or whatever it is that's FUN to you. The key thing is movement shouldn't be stressful; in fact, it should be quite the opposite!   So choose a physical activity that you can find joy in and GET MOVING!  

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s sleep. Sleep plays a huge role in our health and getting enough quality sleep every night can help strengthen your memory, keep your metabolism active, lift your mood, improve cardiovascular health, and help the body's immune system fight disease.   

Sleep requirements can vary from person to person, but, as a general rule, adults should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get a good night's rest. First, stick to a consistent sleep schedule as much as possible. Create a relaxing and comfortable sleep environment, free from unwanted noise, light and allergens. And finally, make sure your body is prepped for bed: avoid caffeine, heavy meals and spicy foods near bedtime, and develop a relaxation routine.  You should also avoid taking your electronic devices to bed with you.  

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