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Staying on Track

Staying on Track

What happens if you cheat while on the ZOË Wellness Program?

Losing weight is not easy. In order to lose weight, you have to really commit to the ZOË Wellness Program and follow the steps. With that being said, we realize that no one is perfect (we’re all human!), so we’ve developed a few strategies to help you overcome any minor setbacks you have while on the ZOË program so that you keep progressing towards your goal.

When you come in for your follow-up appointments, we will compare your new body analysis to your original. We’ll look at what has changed and we’ll ask you questions to see if you have been following the protocols and then tweak a few things to make the program work better for you. We will offer you a solution that fits your needs and is based on your personal strengths and weaknesses.

When you have your 30-day weigh-in, we will focus on ways to reintroduce the things we restricted while you were on the program as well as teach you OUR cheating system. Yes! We actually have a system specifically designed for cheating. No person should feel they have to deprive themselves all the time in order to keep the weight off.

Going on vacation? Want to have cake on your birthday? No problem! We have a very simple 3-day plan that will help you compensate for any weight gain that happened during your “cheat” so that you are able to keep the weight off while enjoying your life to the fullest!

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